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Application for Registration at MONTESSORI FOR CHILDREN in any of the countries we operate in may be made via the form below. We will however require your payment for the application to be formally accepted. Payment should be made to the relevant school directly. Please complete all areas, as incomplete applications are not accepted. You may also download the Application Form and send it by post together with your payment.

Date : June 24, 2024
Application to:
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Requested date of Enrolment:
Requested date of Termination:
Child's Name:

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Date Of Birth:

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Health Status:

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Has your child attended a Montessori School previously?
If yes, where?
Records available?
Why did he/she leave?
Attended other schools?
When and where?
Are you planning for your child to attend two schools simultaneously?
Does your child live with parents, one parent and other?
If other, state names, addresses and relationship to child:
Mother's Name:
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Is applicant only child?
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If parent/s work, how many hours a day do you collectively spend with your child/children?
Do you help your child/children with learning at home?
How will you measure your child's progress at school?
What language/s do you speak with your child at home?
What will be your child's medium of instruction when he/she attends Primary/Grade School?
Do you realize that your Child, if admitted, will be in a mixed aged group class?
Do you have any comments about this?
Are you or your Employer responsible for Tuition Fees?
Have you noted our calendar and the holidays?
Have you considered and resolved your child's transport to and from school?
Application Fees as follow:
Singapore :
SGD 160.50 (Including GST)
Hong Kong :
HKD 500.00
Canada :
CAD 150.00
Payee & Addresses:
Singapore - Newton:

MFC Kindergarten

43 Newton Rd., Singapore 307970


MFC Kindergarten (Broadrick Road)

11 Broadrick Rd., Singapore 439476

Hong Kong:

Montessori For Children

Hse A., Phoenix Garden, RBL 1033, Tai Tam Village Stanley, Hong Kong


Montessori For Children (St.Claire) Inc.

25 Alvin Avenue, Toronto ON, M4T 2A7 Canada

I understand that this application, if accepted, is not a guarantee, for obtaining a placement or a placement by the requested enrollment date.
I understand that this application is subject to acceptance.
I understand that the Fee paid is not refundable unless my application is refused in which case, I am eligible for a refund not later than 30 days from my application being received.
I understand that in the event of my child is offered an afternoon placement, (although I may have requested a morning placement) he/she will automatically be placed on the waiting list for a morning place.
I understand that the Fee Policy and rates may change from time to time, without prior notice and, that the fees payable and terms of payment, may differ from when I make this application to when my child, if admitted, is admitted and I further understand that any changes referred to above will be reflected in the current General Information leaflet of the particular school that this application is being made to.