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Frequently Asked Questions about the Hong Kong School

Who are We?

A Private School registered with the SAR Hong Kong government, adopting the Montessori method (as prescribed and administered by the Association Montessori Internationale, founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1929), offering a Casa (pre-primary school) programme for children aged 2 1/2 - 6+ (or until they are admitted to Primary School).

How long have the schools been in operation?

Establishment: in 1986. We are member schools of 'Montessori For Children' who have branches in Singapore (est. 1992 & 1998) and in Toronto, Ontario Canada, (est. 1995).



Tai Tam Village, Stanley - we are located on the waterfront at Stanley Beach (opposite side entrance to the Sea School). Directions: proceed on Stanley Village Road past the turn to 'Stanley market' until you reach a fork with St Anne's catholic church (on the left). Stay left and go past the church (you will now be on Tung Tau Wan Road) and make the first left after the church (approx. 50 yards past the church). You are now on Hoi Fung path. Proceed towards the waterfront and you will find us on the left, at House A, Phoenix Garden, RBL 1033.


Purpose and curriculum?

To educate children aged 2 1/2 - 6+ (or until they are admitted to Primary School), with a view to preparing them for Primary schooling over a period of 3 years, exclusively using the Montessori method as approved by the educational authorities in Hong Kong. We prefer to admit children who, after joining us, go on to complete 3 years of Montessori education until they are admitted to Primary/Grade 1. Medium of instruction: English with Mandarin offered as the second language. The Chinese language teacher also offers a Cantonese immersion programme after regular hours.



Visitors are welcome either at 0930 or at 1330 hrs on school days, by prior appointment. Information packets containing General information about the school and the current school calendar, a brochure on the Method, Application forms for registration and school bus details could be mailed to you if you wish.



Applications may be submitted year-round. The fee is HK$500.00 (non-refundable) payable upon application. No deposit need be placed when a child is registered however , acceptance of an application does not automatically guarantee a placement by the requested date nor,in the preferred session.

Tuition Fees?

Being Revised.




School Year is from September to June (the following year) inclusive of two semesters, September - January (the following year) and February - June. A 4-week Summer school is offered at the end of the school year. School days number from 180 - 185 per school year. Calendars may be e-mailed upon request.



0830-1130 and 1230-1530 Mondays to Fridays. Most new applicants usually secure afternoon placements and are given the option of moving to the morning session when a placement in that session becomes available. Both sessions however are identical in content.

The extended day is an ideal programme that affords children a longer day, in addition to their regular morning session, offered singularly or as a combination, with a language immersion programme (from September 2006). The programme involves content over and above what is done, during the regular sessions. It allows the child more time to explore parallel academic activities in the various areas of the Montessori curriculum and, in the case of the language immersion programmes, concentrated exposure to a language. Further, these programmes help a child to adjust to the full day at school he/she would experience in primary school.



Placements are offered on application number basis when vacancies are available and the child is aged 2 1/2 or older, has been evaluated and found to be emotionally independent to be in school for 3 hours a day. Children who are considered for admission must be toilet trained. Usual intakes are from April - June (for the following school year) and in November, for the February intake (in the following year).



Our Montessori teachers are Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) trained personnel. The Mandarin teacher is a qualified and trained ECE teacher.